Top Tile Trends for 2016

Now that we’re in the full swing of 2016, you may be wondering what some of the year’s top trends are when it comes to tile. From neutrals and soft textures to clean and contemporary, homes around the country are more customized than ever!

Get with the Trend

Trend #1 A New Color Palette
Just like 2015, gray will is still as popular as ever when it comes to hot colors in 2016. Whether it’s taupe, clay or other neutrals, these soft colors are staging a comeback. Plus, softer blacks are looking to edge out the grays in terms of popularity.

But neutrals aren’t alone in the color palette. This is the year when the classic neutrals we’ve all come to love are being used with whites.

Trend #2 Soft Texture
In 2015, many homeowners put high-gloss and polished tiles in high demand. While these still are, matte textures and semi-gloss have shown up in 2016, creating a softer, more laid-back feel. If you’re looking for a more livable texture like brushed finishes, wood looks or fabric feels, consider this:

  • Instead of wallpaper, go for wall-covering tiles, which show more pattern and texture than messy wallpaper ever could. There are tons that actually mimic fabric.
  • If you’d like to have the natural texture and warmth of wood for your floors, new innovations in tile offer options that make it hard to tell that whether or not it’s wood. From exotic hardwoods and reclaimed or aged woods to mixed materials and geometric patterns, your options with faux wood are endless.

Trend #3 Subway Tile
Tile design was influenced by a love of the subway look in 2014, and we’re seeing a lot of that again this year—but with an upgrade. You’ll see the standard 3×6” in the classic white shades and finishes, but you’ll also see more retro looks with larger, vertical layouts and graphic designs.

Trend #4 A New Look for Mosaics
As many homeowners know, elegant design is in the details. This year, you can elevate any space by adding stone-shaped mosaics to the mix. Much more than little glass chips in a medallion, mosaics nowadays are going far beyond traditional with specialty shapes like marquise, triangles, hexagons and ovals. You can make the space even more special by offsetting the shapes with a complementary grout.

Trend #5 Feature Floor Tiles
Many people are making statements this year with bright bold floor designs. Instead of blending into the background, consider going with feature floor tiles that grab all the room’s attention. These are especially great for small bathrooms that tend to limit design opportunities.

Trend #6 Accent Wall
One wall in a room can be tiled to make it stand out. Whether it has ledge stone, a lacey pattern, or a distressed wood look, the wall will make the room unique and add a focal point to what may be a simple room.

If you’d like your home to get with the trends of 2016 tile designs, now’s the time to make your move. Reach out to your local tile company and get your ideas on the ground floor!