The Ideal Tile brand name encompasses 1 Importing Center plus 2 Distribution Centers, 18 Retail Showrooms, and our Corporate Headquarters in Howell, NJ. Each Ideal Tile Retail Showroom is an independently-owned licencee that displays, sells and purchases most of its products from Ideal Tile Importing Company. We have found that, in creating uniformity and brand consistency under Ideal TIle’s basic principle, the licensee is instilled a greater independence and freedom in showroom management as well as a greater pride in ownership, while while still being supported by Ideal Tile corporate in terms of general business direction and product supply.

Similar to a franchise, a prospective showroom signs a licence agreement that includes a fee for logo and trademark usage, and is given a branding guide for any/all usages of the Ideal Tile brand and logo. Every Ideal Tile relationship is founded on the mutual commitment of both parties to fulfill their obligations under the license agreement. This willing interdependence between Importing and Ideal Tile licensees, and the trust and honesty upon which it is founded, has made licensing Ideal Tile’s brand name a successful strategy for business growth.

Our License Agreement is not intended to anticipate the solution to every challenge that may arise in a licensee relationship, but rather to provide a set of core values that are the basis for the resolution of the challenges that may arise in licensee relationships. Moreover, the Ideal Tile License Agreement is intended to create a framework under which IDEAL TILE can and will govern itself. It has been proven time and time again that adherence to these values will result in healthy, productive, and mutually beneficial licensee relationships.

If you are motivated entrepreneur that is interested opening an Ideal Tile showroom, please contact us at for more information.